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Spring 2008

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Review Spring 2008 Cover

Meet George Blumenthal

When George Blumenthal was officially named chancellor on September 19, 2007, he had already served as acting chancellor for 14 months and as a UCSC faculty member and academic leader for 35 years. The astronomy and astrophysics professor, who joined the campus in 1972, will be formally inaugurated as UCSC's 10th chancellor on Friday, June 6, 2008. [More] [PDF]

Rx for Health Care

Diego Inzunza grabbed a laptop on his way past the laboratory inside Plazita Medical Clinic, where jaunty Mexican music danced from a large speaker on the counter. Holding the computer open like a clamshell in one hand, the 21-year-old UC Santa Cruz student walked briskly into an office. Chatting with the patient waiting inside, he quickly typed up her medical history. [More] [PDF]

Shopping Our Way to Safety

Like a marketer's dream come true, Americans have responded to environmental degradation by shopping, as if buying bottled water and organic vegetables will protect them from pollution. Sociology professor Andrew Szasz says "buying green" may be lulling consumers into a false sense of security. [More] [PDF]

Engineering Hope

Wentai Liu is an electronics wizard whose work is enabling the development of devices once found only in the realm of science fiction--miniaturized electronic implants to restore vision, movement, and other biological functions lost to disease or injury. A professor of electrical engineering at UC Santa Cruz, Liu is a pioneer in the field of bioelectronics, collaborating with medical doctors and other researchers on ambitious projects that have already achieved remarkable results. [More] [PDF]

Maximum Fun

Four months ago, Apple Computer flew UCSC alumnus Jesse Thorn back east to interview Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert in front of a live audience at its flagship store in New York City. Not a bad gig for a 26-year old who was thrilled to get his first show on college radio in 1999. [More] [PDF]

Science as the Muse for Art

With input from two Nobel laureates, the curators of an innovative art exhibition in New York state are spotlighting the 10 molecules of the 20th century that have most profoundly altered our world. Assistant professor of art Melissa Gwyn has contributed four paintings to the exhibit. [More] [PDF]

Go East, young man

When he graduated from UCSC in 1983, Mark Headley (B.A. politics and economics, Stevenson College) had a mean fencing game and a deep understanding of the political and economic factors shaping Asia. [More] [PDF]

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