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Letters will be edited for length and clarity. In the case of print, they'll also be edited for space. While we will try to accommodate as many letters as possible, we reserve the right not to print every letter we receive. We may also limit the number of letters we publish on one subject or from one individual.

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Alumni photos

Submission rules:

  • Subject matter is limited to landscapes, still-life compositions, nature shots, etc.; portraits or photos showing people's faces will not be considered.

  • Photos may be color or black-and-white photographs.

  • Submissions will be judged on photographic quality, creativity, and aesthetics.

  • Limit three entries per person.

  • Submissions must be from graduates of UC Santa Cruz.

Submission guidelines:

There is a limit of three (3) submissions per person. Your photograph(s) must meet the following specifications:

  • Format: JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) only, up to 10 MB

  • Minimum size: 6 inches x 8 inches

  • Minimum resolution: 300 dpi

  • Each submission must contain:

    • The photographer's name, college, major, and year of graduation
    • The story of the photograph—where it is, how you came to be there, etc.

Please send submissions to

All photographers whose work is selected for publication must grant unlimited use to The Regents of the University of California for promotion of the UC Santa Cruz campus with the exclusion of any use that becomes part of a retail product. Photo credit will be given where appropriate with our style guide.