By M.R.C. Greenwood

As i listened to undergraduate Jenny Jiang deliver her commencement speech during Cowell College's graduation ceremony last June, I was filled with pride at the achievement of our students and the positive difference a UC Santa Cruz education makes in their lives.

"I was encouraged--even compelled--by faculty members to take all that I've learned into the outside world, and to really become an active member of this community," Jenny told her commencement audience.

Jenny discovered a passion for public service during internships in the Santa Cruz District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office, and the offices of former California Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Fred Keeley and Assemblyman John Laird. Inspired by faculty mentor Isebill "Ronnie" Gruhn of politics, she pursued her interest in public policy. Jenny's work culminated in an award-winning senior thesis critiquing U.S. official opposition to the international criminal court in The Hague, the first permanent international court created to try cases of human rights violations, genocide, and war crimes.

Graduating from UC Santa Cruz in legal studies with a minor in East Asian studies, Jenny Jiang has enrolled this fall at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. Her story is just one example of the exceptional educational experiences available to the young scholars who attend UC Santa Cruz. I invite you to read about a few of them in a new ongoing series of student profiles posted at:

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These profiles underscore that UC Santa Cruz remains focused on fostering a unique intellectual environment, one that inspires progress driven by our faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni. This tradition of innovation is also exemplified in the articles you will read in the following pages.

In October, UC Santa Cruz will convene nationally prominent leaders in higher education for the Clark Kerr Symposium focused on the student experience at today's public research universities. The event is one highlight in a weekend of activities summarized below. Another feature is a gala dinner to benefit scholarships and fellowships, never needed more than at this period of reduced state support. Ideas generated and funds raised over this weekend will ensure that young scholars like Jenny Jiang continue to thrive at UC Santa Cruz. Please join us in supporting tomorrow's leaders!



M.R.C. Greenwood



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UC Santa Cruz remains focused on fostering a unique intellectual environment, one that inspires progress.


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