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When it was founded in 1997, UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering had already established a reputation for excellence in computer science and computer engineering. But in the six years since its founding, the campus's first professional school has added a number of disciplines, emerging as a distinctive engineering school with a unique focus on some of the most exciting areas of technological innovation. Read more.


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Engineering Success

The Baskin School of Engineering is only six years old, but it has already recruited a number of top faculty and trained many successful engineers—like Aman Shaikh—who are working in some of the field's most exciting areas of technological innovation.

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Riding the Tiger

Anthropologist Nancy Chen's new book tells the fascinating story of qigong, a holistic practice that became a national obsession in China—until it was squelched by government leaders who saw qigong's charismatic masters as a threat to their control.

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Envisioning a New Community for the Arts

Ed Houghton, dean of the arts at UCSC, meets with a group of students to discuss a comprehensive plan that is being drafted under his leadership—a blueprint that will guide the development one day of a dramatic "arts and community access" area on campus.

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Deconstructing Genocide

A class on the Holocaust last year didn't dwell on the horrific images usually associated with the genocide, but focused students instead on the boycotts of businesses, restrictions of civil liberties, and other institutional forces that preceded the death camps.

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