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As the Earth warms, how will California be affected? Researchers at UC Santa Cruz are creating the climate models that will be used by scientists to find answers to this complex question. Read more.


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Alumni Profile: Gillian Welch

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California in a Warming World

Earth scientist Lisa Sloan and her students have developed a computer model that is beginning to generate detailed--and ominous--scenarios of what California's climate could look like by the middle of this century.

Photo: R. R. Jones


Lessons of love

A new book by sociologist Marcia Millman finds a stronger-than-suspected connection between real-life love stories and the romantic plots that have been replayed in films from Casablanca to Titanic.

Photo: Kathleen Lynch


Champion of the Humanities

UCSC's new dean of humanities, Wlad Godzich, charts the half-century decline of humanities scholarship in this country's university curriculum--and makes a forceful case for reversing that trend.

Photo: R. R. Jones


Standing up for Workers

Watching people lose their jobs to trade, technology, and downsizing prompted economist Lori Kletzer and a colleague to design a "wage insurance" proposal that has attracted support from government policy makers.

Photo: Michael Di Bari



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